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Could you assist me in attempting to grasp where this confusion relating to "utilized" or "handy" emanates from? I imply why would the "inaccurate" translation through the Israeli govt use "used art". Can it be perhaps the situation the words and phrases are similar in Hebrew and it is simple to create a mistake?

Classes are exhibited at The underside of each and every webpage. Should you click on the categories, the dialog for modifying groups will open.[4]

Please bear in mind to reply to and – if proper – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which deal with the nominator will never affect the result of the nomination. Thank you!

cc-by-sa-all to launch it beneath the multilicense GFDL additionally Inventive Commons Attribution-ShareAlike All-Variation license or PD-self to launch it into the public domain. See Commons:Copyright tags for the entire listing of copyright tags which you can use.

If you created this file, remember to note that The truth that it's been proposed for deletion will not automatically necessarily mean that we don't worth your kind contribution. It simply just ensures that a single human being thinks that there is some unique trouble with it, such as a copyright issue.

For possible Concepts, just after W, which im guessing you're going to following, you can do the one particular on Andy Kaufmann (Tony Clifton), a Jewish-American comedian, or modify cursive so that it's in hebrew cursive. that may be an interesting twist

If another person created the written content, or whether it is according to another person's get the job done, the source needs to be the address for the Online page in which you located it, the identify and ISBN from the e book you scanned it from, or very similar.

איפה מצאת את עצמך יותר – בשורת המשפטים הראשונה או השנייה?

Picture deletion warning Impression:PP105.jpg has actually been outlined at Commons:Deletion requests so which the community can discuss no matter whether it should be retained or not. We would take pleasure in it if you could check out voice your opinion concerning this at its entry.

If you made this file, remember to note that The reality that read more it has been proposed for deletion won't always mean that we don't worth your type contribution. It simply just implies that one man or woman believes that there's some distinct issue with it, for instance a copyright problem.

Hi, FYI - When you have uploaded an image 2 times because it experienced the wrong identify the first time, You may use the template badname

Should you have not produced the media by yourself then It's also wise to specify in which you discovered it, i.e., normally url to the web site in which you bought it, and the terms of use for content material from that webpage. In case the written content is usually a derivative of a copyrighted work, you have to provide the names as well as a licence of the initial authors at the same time.

לסטר שלום - שמי דרור, כתבתי את הכותרת על החברותא בעידן האינרטנט (תחת הערך חברותא). שם כתבתי על פרויקט זוג (בו אני לומד כבר כמה סמסטרים) וכן על פרויקטים נוספים - אני חושב שהפירוט שהורדת דווקא חשוב לקוראי הערך. אני מסכים שבתצורה הראשונית פרויקט זוג קיבל תיאורים לא במקום כמו "האתר הגדול ביותר" - על אף שזה נכון.

File:Wikipedians P1070730.JPG has long been listed at Commons:Deletion requests so that the Neighborhood can examine no matter if it ought to be kept or not. We would enjoy it if you might drop by voice your viewpoint about this at its entry.

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